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We at MadGlam Style Studio welcome and encourage the ones who are taking up blogging/ influencer work as a career also the one’s who are well established! As the trend of blogging/ influencing continues to amuse people, it is a great way of connecting with open minds.

You represent yourself in a way that influences people. Influencing is very personal; how you share your knowledge of style, and put it together with confidence is what makes you different.

Madglam is not limited to petite sizes but expands to other sizes too. We often conduct surveys in the market to find out what women are looking to wear. We have hand picked outfits that is curated by our team and also design in-house. 

How we work

We help you grow and grow with you.

We generate a customised coupon code after have sent us the images/blogged about us, for us to know that you are surely interested in working with us. A requirement of minimum of 5k followers on Instagram, is mandatory for you to be eligible.

Kindly take a look at the “Blogger Collaborations Programme” 

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